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I am a proud member of the following associations:


         Traditional Yoga

         Association (TYA)



         The Independent

         Yoga Network (IYN)


In December 2000, I started a teaching career in fitness centres and private halls, mostly to large general classes. Being a mother of twins I had a particular interest in Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Massage and Post Natal Recovery Yoga.
In September 2001, with the guidance from my Guru, Swami Ambikanda Saraswati and encouragement from a close friend and a renowned Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Margaret Manning, I began to teach Pregnancy Yoga in Tilehurst. Now my classes are filled with new and second and third time Mums who all feel the benefit of this ancient discipline during the challenging time of pregnancy. After the birth of their babies, many of my students return with their babies to do a course which they can implement in their daily routine, to continue their Yoga and learn Baby Massage and Yoga.
I always felt that the senior citizens and less able were missing out on the ‘Yoga Experience’ because they could not come down on to the mat. This encouraged me to take up further training in the ForLife Yoga course and now teach live classes and online classes to this group.


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